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Not for the Sensitive - Happy Gas a Sarah Lucas Exhibition

Updated: May 12

Currently at the Tate Britain until the middle of January 2024 is an exhibition Happy Gas by Sarah Lucas.

Do be warned the exhibition will not be for everyone as it does contain many exhibits of a mature nature.

The exhibition is spread over 4 rooms and covers a wide range of work.

One whole room is dedicated to her "Bunny" sculptures which show legs on chairs. A lot are made from tights along with other materials such as concrete.

A Bunny from the Sarah Lucas Happy Gas exhibition

Other rooms feature wall art as well as some larger sculptures.

Man sitting on a toilet on top of a sandwich. Sarah Lucas Happy Gas exhibition

Would I recommend it? Yes if you like her work or surreal items and are not easily shocked by the content of her material. You do need to go soon as it finishes on January 14th.

If you cannot get to see it or want to know if it is for you then why not have a look at my extensive video of it. Just click the image below.

Sarah Lucas Happy Gas exhibition

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