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Toy Videos

I have been collecting toys since I was young and have started videoing my collection. Click on the image to watch.

Lego Dr Who

Lego Beatles Yellow Submarine

Lego Yellow Submarine

Lego space all terrain vehicle

Lego Space All Terrain Vehicle

Lego moving truck for the Jazz Club

Lego Moving Truck

Harry Potter Lego Flying Lesson

Lego Harry Potter Flying 

Lego automata of a chicken trying to catch a worm

Lego Chicken & Worm Automata

Lego Space Buggy from 1980

Lego Space Buggies

Lego tribute to Amelia Earhart

Lego Amelia Earhart Tribute

Lego minifigures series 24

Lego Minifig Series 24

Lego Disney 100 Minifigures

Lego Disney 100 Minifigs

Lego space sismobile

Lego Space Sismobile

Thor1 copy.jpg

Lego Bro Thor's New Asgard

Lego Star Wars final duel

Lego Star Wars Final Duel sets I & II

Marx Dalek from Dr Who

The Marx Dr Who Dalek

Lego Pirate Ship Playground

Lego Pirate Ship Playground

Lego Fintstones

Lego Flintstones

Van Gogh Starry Night in Lego

Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night in Lego

Lego tribute to Galileo

A Lego Tribute to Galileo Galilei

Lego Classic Camera

A Lego Classic Camera

Lego Lunar lander

Lego Lunar Lander

Spring house title copy.jpg

Lego Spring Garden House

Lego Earth and Moon orbiting the Sun

Lego Planet Earth and Moon in Orbit

Raiders of the Lost Ark Lego video

Lego Escape from the Lost Tomb set

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