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  • Dave Bond

Improve your Photographic Creativity

Are you in a photographic rut or want to try something new then why not have a go at one spot photography and improve your photographic creativity.

This is where you stand in one spot and try and take 20 different photos without moving.

It does not matter where you are as this forces you to think creatively.

Stevenage Old Town war memorial

For the exercise I selected Stevenage Old Town war memorial. This was because I was here and had some time on my hands and enjoy photographing memorials and had never done this one.

I decided to stand just in front of it and move no more than a metre either side of it.

Stevenage Old Town war memorial

Even with a wide angle lens I was unable to fit it all in so decided to record the detail on and around it.

Car detail

I then focused in on the building around the green and details in particular. I like the composition of the two circles together on this car.

A lamp with architectural detail

The lamp post is almost a silhouette.

Motion blur of a car

I finished off with some motion blur and leading lines shot.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exercise which made me look for what was around me. I spent about 30 minutes and ended up with over 20 usable shots. I will certainly have another go soon.

If you want to try why not watch the video and let me know how you get on.


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