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A Lego P T Barnum The Greatest Showman

P T Barnum was born on July 5th 1810. He was famous for setting up Barnum and Bailey Circus. His show included many curiosities as well as hoaxes. He is said to have said "there's a sucker born every minute" but no direct evidence has been found to this. In 2017 he was portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the film The Greatest Showman.

He advertised the Fuji Mermaid which was in fact half monkey half fish which had been joined together.

The photograph was put together from a many number of different Lego minifigs, mixing the parts. I have to make a list of where everything came from to put them back. The image was shot against a green screen and the background then added. For the background I used the AI generator in Photoshop and had to add suitable blur to it to match the depth of field.

The two images were then put together in PhotoKey 8 Pro.

P T Barnum and his troop in Lego.
P T Barnum in Lego

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