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Free London Attraction

Updated: May 12

Yes it is still possible to visit free London attractions. Currently it is possible to see a number of immersive video shows for free on Charing Cross Road.

Outernet at The Now Building are showing a range of short videos lasting a few minutes each.

Outernet building

These are projected onto the large screens all around you and even onto the ceiling so you need to have a good look around as they are being shown.

The shows vary during the day and from day to day so it is worth going back to see what is on. The Outernet website has a list of all shows and times.

Emoji Shower

The shows are very varied and are suitable for all ages. One of the most popular, particularly with the younger audience was Emoji Shower where emojis were generated from the ceiling and flowed down the walls.

Natures Confetti

Nature's Confetti is a video made in conjunction with the National Trust and aims to celebrate the stunning if short blossom season. The show will only run for a few weeks but hopefully will be back next spring. During the video you can wave your hands to move the blossom around and make trees grow, so great fun for the children.

Photography by Edward Burtynsky

There is a show featuring the photographs of Edward Burtynsky on the impact of human activity on nature. They are impressive seeing them so large on the screen.

Flow on the main screen

Flow is very entertaining with figures performing routines, but each wall shows it from a different angle.

Flow looking up

There are about 6 or 6 shows one after each other. There is some seating in the venue but most of the time you will be standing. It is also open on 2 sides so in the winter it may be cold in there. I will certainly be going back again to see the new shows.

Here is a video of part of each of the shows I saw.

Link to YouTube video

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