Cameras and Cake, a Perfect Combination

What could be better than a during a tiring day out in London than stopping for a cup of tea and some cake, well for any photographers out there where better to stop than the Camera Museum. This is situated in Museum Road opposite the British Museum so very convenient and I had the pleasure to visit it not once but twice a few weeks ago.

The premises are split into three, with downstairs being the museum and upstairs have a camera shop/repair centre and a coffee shop.

In the coffee shop you have a range of tables and comfy chairs to choice from and you are surrounded by cameras and memorabilia. Although not an extensive menu you have a range of Panini's, cakes and drinks, with the juices being freshly made. Prices for central London are very reasonable and service is good and you are not rushed.

Downstairs is the museum, whilst not being large it has hundreds, if not thousands of cameras and equipment on display and it was very nostalgic looking at the cameras I have owned in the past. There is a nominal £1 charge for visiting the museum.

So if you are around the area I can well recommend it as a place to stop and unwind for a while, I will certainly be back again in the future.


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