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A Historic Church and the Templar Knights

Hidden in the Inner Temple and off of Fleet Street is a historic church that has links to the Templar Knights.

The round of Temple Church London

In 1161 the Templar Knights moved to the site and built a church, with the first recorded use being in 1163.

One end of the church is round being inspired by the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem.

Inside Temple Church London

This gives some interesting architectural features and a stunning ceiling.

The ceiling of Temple Church London

The effigies in Temple Church London

On the floor of the round are effigies of various Knights. These were damaged during the Blitz when the church was hit by an incendiary device. Luckily the V&A had made plaster casts of them which are now displayed along side the originals so you can see what damage had occurred.

The floor of the round in Temple Church London

You can also go up stairs to the triforium which offers good views of the round.

To see a full tour of the church why not watch the video below.

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