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  • Dave Bond

Phil Collins In The Air Tonight, Lego Style

So a question to start with, what advert used the Phil Collins song In the Air Tonight? The answer will be given at the end of the post.

The advert of a gorilla sitting at a drum kit waiting for them to come in has got to be one of the most memorable adverts that have stayed in the memory. I recently used it again in a music quiz and this got me thinking, could I replicate this scene in Lego? Well I certainly had a Lego gorilla so that was one thing, it just needed the drum kit.

Initially I started to play around with various Lego pieces, but none had the effect I wanted. I like photographing minifigures, but always feel that they need to be taken out of their Lego surroundings to make them more realistic. I then thought of using tubes, but finding the right size was difficult until I stubbled across some tubes holding indoor sparklers. These proved to be the ideal size, with a nice rim at the top. I painted these silver and found a suitable background that matched the advert. A couple of Harry Potter wands completed the picture off nicely.

Shooting was straight forward and here is the result.

So did you guess the advert? Of course it was for Cadbury's.

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