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  • Dave Bond

Is that a Banksy? No it's a Bricksy

Graffiti has moved on over the years from annoying name tagging on buildings to high end street

art from the likes of Banksy and Pure Evil.

The likes of Camden are full of the delights of their work, which brighten up the streets no end, although some people disagree with that.

This is one of my favourite place beside the canal and a different work is always there, but in a similar style. It is the small details that really make the work and they are always thought provoking.

Well now there are a new duo on the seen a brother and sister team known as Bricksy. Presently they are still on the name stage, but will be branching out to more elaborate work soon. Why not catch their work in the pages of this website or even by one of your own. Much cheaper than an original Banksy that is for sure.

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