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  • Dave Bond

DUCK! No it is a Barn Owl

As part of a local camera club we organised a photography day at the Herrings Green Bird of Prey Centre in Wilstead, Bedfordshire and what a great experience we had.

In the morning we were able to select a number of different birds and have them placed in natural settings for us to photograph, which in it's self was a challenge, but some great shots were achieved. This was followed by a public display.

After lunch which they supplied we again attended the public display but were able to go to different places that the public were not able to and this gave more varied view points.

This was followed by the most challenging task where the flew a series of birds for us on different paths. Having the barn owls flying around your head was a great sight, but very hard to capture as they turned so quickly.

A brilliant day and if you have the chance to do one of their photography days, which they run throughout the year, do it you will not be disappointed.

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