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  • Dave Bond

Do Lego and coffee go together? They are a perfect blend thanks to the Coffee Art Project.

The Coffee Art Project is a competition based on the theme of coffee and is open to anyone. Starting in London it has now expanded to other cities in the world. Selected work in this country is then exhibited at The London Coffee Festival. Not only is it a competition, but work can be sold and 50% of the sale goes to the Project Waterfall charity.

I have entered in the past, but this year decided to try photography as my medium and I was immediately drawn to telling the story of coffee production using Lego Minifigures. I thought this might be a good fun way to educate children in where food comes from as I am always amazed at their lack of knowledge about this.

My Work on Display

I selected six stages of manufacture starting with the planting and ending with consuming it. A few added pieces had to be made to go with the minifigures, but these fitted in well and I was pleased with the results, although there are improvements I want to make.

I was pleased to see that not only was my work selected for the exhibition, but it was also sold as well.

So you see Lego and Coffee are a perfect blend.

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