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  • Dave Bond

Lego Space All Terrain Vehicle

I was recently give a box with Lego Space parts in but no indication as to what sets they were. After a bit of researching I found one was set 6927 the All Terrain Vehicle from 1981, so set about building it. I found instructions online as a photo as Lego do not do ones for this age of kit. The problem I had was that the instructions were very basic with lots of stages in one image, unlike the newer ones. However I did find a post from someone who redid it as a newer style which was very helpful.

The kit is 2 distinct modules that fit together and has 2 minifigures with tools. It was a good build and a nice set and I put together a video of the completed model. Click the image below to view it.

I will now have to find what the other models in the box are.

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