Blowing In The Wind - A Competition Win!

To mark the 30th anniversary of CPRE Bedfordshire they launched a competition titled ”Bedfordshire: A Changing Landscape”. After a few ideas I settled on photographing the wind turbines in Langford. Luckily at that time of year they were nicely set against the corn growing in the field.

I am pleased to say that the image won the competiton and has been featured in their magazine and on the website. Below are the judges comments.

Blowing in the Wind: Combining the modern wind turbines with a traditional cornfield by David Bond (pictured)

This dynamic shot shows a backdrop of contrasting wind turbines against a cloudy sky, set against a yellow field of barley in Langford. The judges especially liked the colour, contrast and composition of the shot. The wind turbines also reflect a recent change in the countryside across Bedfordshire. Although they have been the subject of controversial planning decisions, turbines are now a largely accepted feature in many of our landscapes and represent a shift towards a more sustainable use of our natural resources. In this shot, the judges felt that the photographer has found harmony between the new turbines and the agricultural landscape.

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