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Best Place To Retire In Mexico As A Canadian

Here, we discuss the nine towns and cities in Mexico most suitable for Canadians. 1. Puerto Vallarta 2. Campeche 3. Tulum, Quintana Roo 4.

Mérida 5. Playa del Carmen 6. Lake Chapala 7. Puerto Escondido 8. Huatulco 9. Ensenada In conclusion 1. Puerto Vallarta This international beach resort is on the Pacific Coast, part of Mexico. Where, specifically, in Mexico might be the spot for you to think about living, retiring, or investing South of the Border? Let’s Consider Your Best Options Closely #1: Playa del Carmen Alamy/PJPHOTO Playa del Carmen. 10 – Durango City, Mexico. Resting in the Sierra Madre Mountains is Durango City. It’s the capital and largest city in the Mexican state of Durango. The city is famous for its colonial architecture and historical monuments. Durango.

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