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A Lego Wedding that was Absolutely AWESOME

My daughter Katherine (the other half of Bond Photography) got married last month to Matt and seeing that they are also Lego fans we had to have some elements of Lego at it.

Katherine wanted a very different type of wedding where people were there to have fun and enjoy the day. She did all of the arrangements her self and with the help of others things were bought and made. The Friday was spent decorating the venue, before the wedding on the Saturday. This was just prior to the lock down, so an anxious time waiting to see if it could go ahead.

So what exactly did we have? Well to start with I bought parts to look like them. I was trying to get them custom printed, but did not manage that, but did get parts that resembled well what they were wearing and what they looked like.

Not only were these used in the above photo, which was on display on the day and made into their card from us, but formed the cake topper using the Lego wedding set. The cake was of course Lego based and made by one of her friends. To go around the cake I managed to get 5 Lego chefs to peel back the fondant.

Finally they had not thought of how they were going to collect any cards, so I offered to made a box in the shape of a Lego brick. Luckily I had some tubing from a delivery and they were the perfect size for the studs and this dictated the overall brick size. It look longer to make than anticipated, particularly the spraying as it was during the various storms so finding a slot to do it outside was tricky. In the end it turned out well.

Finally during my speech I presented them with Lucky the Chinese cat.

All in all it was a fabulous day and one that will be remembered for ever and it was certainly absolutely AWESOME.

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